Had Enough Bad News – Why Not Just Escape?!

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If you’ve had enough of all the negative news, and the badgering of the ads screaming about great travel deals – How about grabbing one of those discounted airfares to Florida and escaping to a spa resort that promises to “Block out the world” for an hour or a day? The last thing on anyone’s mind is a day at the Spa. How can you justify a massage when you are watching every dollar? Well, here’s my plan…. forgo a restaurant dinner or two and instead take time to pamper yourself – get healthy in both body and mind; the glow of a spa day will last far longer than any meal! Even better, what if you could have a 20% discount on treatments? Read on!

A spa day is a luxury most of us have to stretch to afford, but I have found a true gem in Southwest Florida – at the Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa that will be worth the splurge. It is located in Fort Myers, Florida (yes right near the spring training camps of the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins – say goodbye to the guys!), – just on the right before you head over the bridge to Sanibel. Fresh from a multi-million dollar rebuild (thanks to Hurricane Charlie) this property is truly a little slice of heaven. The minute you arrive, you’ll know you are in a special place.

Recently the stress of today’s world put me in need of a short escape. I was willing to forgo a nice dinner out with friends, and cook every meal at home, just for an interlude of relaxation at the Sanibel Harbour Resort Spa. A big vacation was not on my radar, but I so needed a change of pace! I booked some treatments for my daughter as a birthday treat, and of course I needed to go along! Their website claims you will restore balance to your life’. And I actually think it did just that for me. This Spa has been rated one of the Top 10 Spas in the USA by Conde Nast Traveler, and here it sits conveniently in Fort Myers Florida.

The treatments were woondeerfuuull. I really forgot how sore my body was and how much I needed to just escape. The website does not come close to conveying how magical their treatments are. The Four-Layer Facial has been named one of the “Best Facials of the Century” and I could not agree more. I have had numerous facials, but none compare – by far this was worth the trip alone. I kid you not, I felt like I had a face lift, and weeks later my skin is still amazing. The trip was worth this alone.

My few hours inside the spa were better than any vacation I could have taken. The therapists were wonderful, the setting was beautiful and I felt like I had been there for days, rather than only a few hours.

I spoke with the spa Manager, Nikki, who was truly a delight. She set the tone for the spa, wanting to make every customer’s experience the very best. Her positive energy was matched by everyone we met. She referred to their service as “Red Carpet Treatment” from the moment you stepped through the doors. She wants every customer to get the most out of every treatment and leave relaxed and calm.

Making your Spa experience the best, begins with scheduling the right treatments, so here are some tips:

  • Focus on the reason you are going to the spa; Relaxation? Therapeutic? Beauty enhancement?
  • Make sure you fully understand the treatment you’ve requested, will it provide the result you are seeking?
  • Don’t assume you know what is involved in the treatment; products and services- ask for full descriptions
  • Ask your therapist before you begin to review what will be happening
  • If you are uncomfortable about anything, speak right up
  • If you are not happy with the music choice, speak up
  • If you need something, don’t be shy to ask?
  • If you need privacy while changing, make that known
  • If you prefer a male/female therapist, make sure you request this upfront
  • If you have any medical issues be certain to inform the spa, as treatments or ingredients could effect your condition
  • Make sure you ask for a tour of the Spa so you are aware of everything that’s available
  • Ask if you have access to other parts of the facility such as the pool or fitness area
  • Never leave the Spa unhappy, tell someone if your treatment has not been satisfactory

Spa Etiquette

  • Remember everyone in the spa is there to relax, turn off your cell phone!
  • While in the waiting rooms, speak quietly
  • Understand the rules of the spa and adhere to them

If you think you can not possibly have a vacation, think again. A 3 day weekend trip to Fort Myers, Florida is well within your reach. Have a look at some of the latest promotions from the Fort Myers/Sanibel Tourism Bureau.  And a spa treatment is also affordable, especially since the Sanibel Harbour Resort Spa is offering 20% off treatments with the gratuity included Monday through Thursday until April 30, 2009.

The sun is warm, the beaches are beckoning and the restaurants are amazing, what more could you ask for…….Don’t forget to tell the Spa you heard all about it from Wicked Good Travel tips!


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