Route I-95 and I-75 Road Trip Helpers

February 5, 2009 | By | 1 Reply More
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I’ve just done the winter escape road trip run from New England to Southern Florida and back, and couldn’t have lived without the terrific website  This wonderful guide tells you about all things related to Route I-95 from beginning to end, and every exit in between.

I began by checking the weather all along the route in order to decide which days to travel on.  Next I used the mileage calculator to decide how many miles (hours of driving) we would do each day.  Then I could check the exits in the areas we wanted to stop to find the names of all hotels and restaurants.  I ended up printing out a list of hotels at each area we planned to stop in, so we could decide which exit would suit our needs the best.  The I-95 Exit Guide also enables you to check gas prices all along the route, has road construction warnings, an RV Parks directory , list of outlet shopping malls, rest areas and even theme parks in case you’re traveling with the kids.  In other words…. everything you’ll ever need to know about the route before you leave home.  This site is an invaluable resource for road trip warriors heading south for some sun and fun – check it out

AND for those of you heading south from Michigan, you’ll be happy to know there’s a new I-75 Exit Guide as well.


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