Giant Hotel Sale – 5 Star Resorts for $1 Dollar A Night!

January 23, 2009 | By | Reply More
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If you like to solve mysteries, you’re going to love the promotional sale at  Beginning on January 26th, and continuing for two weeks, the site will put all hotels on sale for just $1 a night for a 15 minute window each day.  If you can guess the correct time to visit the website, you can secure up to 7 hotel nights for one dollar each night (provided that you complete your reservation within the 15 minute window).  Here comes the mystery part – the website will play a video which contains clues about the exact time the sale window will open.  Participants must sign up in advance by logging onto  Better yet, you can submit your email address and receive hints right in your mailbox.  So check out all the fine print and get your family members together to solve the puzzle and you’ll be off on vacation for the cost of Margarita!


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