5 Great Gifts For Travelers

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The electronic gadgets we travel with just keep getting more sophisticated and plentiful.  Here are some tech savvy gifts all travelers will love.

  1. New TSA screening rules for computers allow newly designed computer bags to go through security without taking the computer out of the bag.  Every traveler who hauls along their trusty computer will love getting one of these new bags.  Have a look at the selection at EBags.com
  2. Passports, licenses, and many credit cards now contain radio frequency identification chips containing all our sensitive and private information.  It’s time for everyone to invest in a RFID blocking wallet to prevent hackers and techno thieves from grabbing our identification with scanners as they pass us by.  Here’s a selection from Magellans. 
  3. Here are two of my favorite travel books of the year.  Just published is Peter Greenberg’s Don’t Go There!.  We’ve all seen volumes of the 100 best places, 1000 places to see in a lifetime etc – well Peter tells us even more important information, the places we should avoid and why!  For places TO visit, give your favorite traveler Secret Hotels published by  Budget Travel.  It’s chock full of extraordinary properties around the world that are kind to your wallet while providing exceptional stays.
  4. LoJack for laptops is a new service that gives the gift of security for your laptop carrying friends.  You can sign up for a three year plan for under $90 or a one year plan for $39.99.  OMG don’t let your kids go off to college with that expensive computer without investing in this great tracking service!!
  5. Here’s a terrific gift for anyone who totes a reading book along with them whether by car, bus, train or plane.  The Periscope Light is a nifty telescoping reading light built into a premium leather book cover that assures no one will know what you’re reading.  I don’t know about you, but when all the lights go out on the airplane and my seatmates are trying to sleep, I love being able to click on my own personal reading light instead of using the glaring overhead light.  This is a gift every reader on your list will love.

Technology is always changing – here’s a current guide from the folks at Look What’s Cool of great gifts for travelers.  



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