So You've Always Wanted to be a "Survivor" – Well, Here's Your Big Chance!

November 5, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Fiji Beach ResortThe daydream of surviving on a gorgeous desert island looms large in most of our imaginations.  Let’s face it, that’s why Survivor, Robinson Crusoe and the current CDW Computer TV commercials are such an enormous success.  But while the TV networks tempt us with scripted tropical adventures, the possibility of participating in such a complete immersion into the wild, remains just a pipe dream for most of us just eking out a living on a 9-5 schedule.  Well here’s your BIG CHANCE to break out of your rut, go totally native, and live with your “Tribe” on a beautiful Fijian island, for a week, two weeks, a month or longer.

Let me introduce you to TribeWanted.  The imaginative developers of Tribe Wanted along with a local Fijian team are developing a cross-cultural community from scratch.  The new island community of Vorovoro is fusing traditional Fijian customs with ways of living for sustainability and with innovation to improve life and living conditions in remote Fijian villages.   Have a look at the FABULOUS YouTube video explaining all about the project. 

Now for those of you who can’t jet off half way around the world at the moment, no worries…. anyone can join the Tribe on Vorovoro virtually (and for free) by creating a tribal profile on the website.  Even if you don’t join, you should take a few minutes to bounce around the site – it’s fascinating!  Here’s a post from their blog about how they are trying to figure out how to retain water from the rainy season to use for the crops all year long (blog post here) – any environmental engineers out there??

So have some fun with this site and take a short virtual adventure to a beautiful Fijian island with “The Tribe”.

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