Find Vacation Spots That Are HOT All Winter Long

November 13, 2008 | By More
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Beach Beauty“I want to vacation someplace where it’s HOT this winter, where should I go?”  How many times have I been asked this question? – more than I can count!  Well, there’s finally a great website that answers – Where’s Hot When – or even warm or rainy, all in a brightly colored topo map.  (Oh yeah, and that’s me in the picture soaking up the rays – Don’t I wish!)

Have a look at the world weather map at  You’ll find a color coded map of the world showing just where it’s bathing suit weather.  You can click through the months of the year to show, for instance, where it will be hot in February.  And while you may have thought all of South America was a delight in the winter, you will clearly see by the color coding that much of the country is in fact rainy during February – good to know!  There are also lots of great holiday ideas on the page as well, so have a look around this terrific site.

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