Ultimate Vacation Weekend For You and Your Gorgeous Dog

September 15, 2008 | By | 2 Replies More
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Just be sure to bring along your sense of humor!!

Paws Up Resort, MontanaIf you’d rather spend time with your dog than most of the people you know…  have we got a vacation destination for you! The canine friendly folks at luxury Paws Up Wilderness Resort in Greenough Montana are hosting their annual “Wine and Bitch”Weekend from November 14-18, 2008.  Billed as the ‘The Last Best Place’, Paws Up Resort is a hauntingly beautiful panorama of elegant, rustic, country living at it’s pinnacle.  And you and your dog are invited!

This cheeky weekend celebration is designed to give guests and their canine buddies the time of their lives romping through the wilderness.  Events feature fashion shows, a doggie parade, hand-made doggie treats, spa treatments, and of course lots of fine wine and ‘tail chasing’.  With tongue firmly pressed in your cheek, read all about the festivities at Wine and Bitch.com.

And here I was thinking it was a resort where all us girls could get a little tipsy on vintage wine and gripe about all that annoys us.  Oh well, I guess that wouldn’t play in this beautiful setting where nature is so sublime, who could complain?

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