Edgy Chic Night Clubs – The Latest Trend in Cruising

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Ice BarMove over Vegas, Miami and Ibiza, Norwegian Cruise Lines’ new F3 ships are planning the worlds swankiest, edgiest nightclubs on land or sea. Due to debut in 2010, two F3 series ships now in construction will break the cruising mold. No more lethargic midnight buffets, their unconventional adults only nightclubs will rock the boat all night long. Here’s a peak at the coming party playgrounds:

The Ice Bar – inspired by the famous ice hotels in Sandanavia, this frozen iced vodka chamber is embedded with LED lights that the glow blue, green and purple to simulate the Northern Lights. A limited group of 25 passengers will be decked out in fur coats, gloves and hats as they experience the ultimate chill at 17 degrees fahrenheit. The room is full of life-size sculptures, bar, walls, tables and stools – all made of ice. But fear not, the place will be red hot with the hottest techno beats.

POSH ClubThe Posh Beach Club – Adult passengers will be able to purchase a POSH pass for one day or an entire week of frolicking in this luxurious outdoor entertainment complex. By day, guest will laze on white-cushioned day beds and private cabanas along side a 35 foot cascading waterfall, while funky beach music plays in the background and spiked snow cones are served. At night it’s pure sizzle as guests dance outside under the stars all night long or lounge on a POSH bed with bottle service on silver trays.

The Halo – a heavenly Uber Bar. This bar will be very exclusive, open only to Garden and Courtyard Villa guests. That’s right Villa accommodations on board ship instead of a standard cabin! The Halo will showcase the best of the best the ship has to offer, from fine liquors to dazzling gems. Private gaming tables will offer baccarat and blackjack – all you James Bonds out there, here’s your chance to take part in private gaming without going all the way to Monaco.

Bliss Ultra Nightclub – features NCL’s signature bowling alley at sea and has a decadent Las Vegas nightclub feel. This will be a high-energy ultra lounge with plasma screen showing music videos, shadow dancers and non-stop music. There will also be White Hot Nights where guests are encouraged to wear all white outfits including specially designed “white hot” shirts and feather boas. And if that’s not enough action, there will be gaming tables with dealers.

Spice H2O – a spicy outdoor amphitheater infused with Latin and Asian influences at the back of the ship. There will be a huge LED screen displaying video images of charging bulls, flamenco dancers, and even tap dancing Geishas (that’s a new one on me)! At night the lounge becomes an Ibiza-inspired beach club with thumping live entertainment and dinner served on lounge beds or at tableside.

Phew, I’m exhausted just writing about it. Never mind a cabin….just hang out in all the clubs and catch a wink on those lounge beds. Guests will be able to purchase Beyond the Velvet Rope packages to gain access to all the exclusive clubs on board. Norwegian Cruise Lines is clearly on the cutting edge of cruising with their new F3 series ships. You probably won’t find Grandma and Grandpa anywhere in sight!

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