The Mt. Washington Hotel – A Beautiful Place With A Bad Attitude

July 21, 2008 | By | 3 Replies More
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Mount Washington HotelFor many years I have delighted in the view of the Mount Washington Hotel tucked between dramatic notches in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It’s a sight that quite literally takes your breath away. I had been following news of the redevelopment of this grand historic hotel and have had it on my “someday” list for a while. Last week Clint and I were driving through the notches and decided to treat ourselves to an expensive lunch with a view at the hotel, and scout it out as a possible spot to spend Christmas vacation this year.

The day was crystal clear, the hotel appeared shining and welcoming on the distant hillside. We were brought to an abrupt halt however as we turned into the long and winding drive. As we slowed at a newly constructed guard house, an attendant inquired if we had reservations at the hotel. After explaining that we were coming to dine at the hotel, he informed us that we could not proceed any further. He needed to collect a $10 fee to leave our car in the car park at the base of the driveway and wait for a shuttle up to the hotel.

After seeing our astonished expressions, he explained, “The hotel management feels the facilities of the hotel should be for the guests who are paying $300 a night”. Oh, I see… in other words, you interlopers need not approach!!! He was a bit chagrined and confided that much of the hotel staff did not like the new policy very much either. May I say with vigor that we chose NOT to dine at the exclusionary Mt. Washington Hotel!

Allow me to clarify – it’s not the $10, but the message being sent “we don’t want you here”. Clint and I have stayed in (and visited) premier properties throughout the world and never encountered such a blatantly unwelcoming company policy. So, you will not get my business today, when your new golf course or spa opens, at Christmas, when I’m booking a business conference, or at any other time. I got your message loud and clear. I choose to frequent hotels that are actually in the business of greeting potential and present customers with grace, enthusiasm and hospitality.

PS – I checked out their ratings in TripAdvisor and wasn’t a bit surprised to see that many folks caution about the staff’s arrogant attitudes.

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