Rental Car Companies Are Going Green In A Hurry

July 31, 2008 | By | 1 Reply More
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Toyota PriusThe national rental car agencies are true believers in the fuel changes that are on the horizon. They are investing vast sums of money to change over their fleet of cars to include flex-fuel and hybrid vehicles. If you’ve been thinking about switching to a hybrid the next time you purchase a vehicle, this is a great way to take one for a long test drive. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll find at each of the major car rental agencies:

Hertz: Known as “The Green Collection”, Hertz has over 268,000 vehicles that average 28 mpg or better, which represents 64% of its total fleet. Additionally, 43% of its fleet achieves 34 mpg or better. They seem to be stocking up on the Toyota Prius, which number over 3,400 vehicles at the moment, and they rent hybrid vehicles throughout the European market as well. 

Avis/Budget Group: Dubbed “The Cool Cars”, this group has brought in a number of Nissan Altima Hybrids and the Toyota Prius to stock its fleet. They are available by guaranteed reservations in select cities. (Just ignore the more politically incorrect offerings of Hummers and the like). Avis also offers Flex-Fuel vehicles in a few cities that use E-85 ethanol fuel – just be sure you get a map of where to find gas stations selling this type of fuel!

Enterprise/National/Alamo Group: This group has over 237,000 Hybrids fleetwide that average 32 mpg or better. Additionally 264,000 vehicles qualify as “SmartWay” vehicles as certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for their relatively low levels of regulated pollutants and greenhouse gases. More than 73,000 cars and trucks are Flex-Fuel vehicles that burn E-85 ethanol fuel. And they have approximately 4,000 gas/electric vehicles – an impressive array of fuel efficient choices!!

Dollar/Thrifty Group: Although Dollars wants you to “Drive With Attitude” I’m sorry to say not too much is going on here in the Hybrid arena.

And as an extra bonus, ask your hotel if they offer a parking discount for hybrid vehicles. Several hotel companies have introduced overnight parking saving incentives for customers driving hybrid cars.

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