Gas Saving Vacations Just In Time for Summer!

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Whether you’re trying to moderate the effects of global warming, or simply attempting to reduce the volume of dollars flowing into your gas tank, we’ve got terrific gas saving vacation ideas for you to get away without leaving all your hard earned cash at the gas station.

Maine Windjammer#1 – Windjammer Sailing Adventure
Sail along the New England coastline aboard an historic Windjammer sailing vessel. The Maine Windjammer Association provides lots of information on over a dozen historic tall masted sailing schooners that ply New England’s craggy coast all summer long. As you step aboard one of these grand wooden ships, you’ll step back into an historic lifestyle filled with lobster bakes, scenic fishing ports, sheltered bays for swimming and the camaraderie of enthusiastic shipmates. Windjammer companies offer 3 to 6 day sails starting at $300 per person for a 3 day sail in off season (and for your nervous sailors, they never loose sight of land). Varied itineraries include sailings highlighting photography, folk music, light houses and wooden boats to name a few. After just a few days of sailing you’ll feel like you’ve been away for ages.

Empire Builder#2 – Hop Aboard a Scenic Train
The glory days of train travel are still alive and well, even though we’re often so accustomed to hopping in our cars, that we don’t even consider sitting back, relaxing, and getting there by rail. Take a look at this wonderful site Vacations By Rail, to gather information about scenic train vacations across the United States, Canada, Europe and famous rail journeys of the world. Just take a look at the itinerary for America The Beautiful to realize the abundance stunning scenery that awaits rail travelers across the United States. Other sites to lend a hand are Amtrak, American Orient Express, and Canadian Train Vacations, World’s Top 25 Trains

Bicycle Riding#3 – Take A Bike Tour
You’ve loved to ride since the training wheels came off – but you need a bit of encouragement to go wheeling off around the country – Lance, lead the way! Every July, thoughts turn to Europe and the Tour de France – visions of buff athletes in their tight yellow jerseys. We all imagine what it would be like to venture off on two wheels, wrapped in spandex or NOT!! There are tours available for families, casual riders and avid bikers alike. Find the perfect bike vacation for you and your family at one of these great sites: Backroads, VBT Bicycle Adventures, BicyclingAdventures, BikeRidersTours, and if that’s not enough see lots of listings in the Specialty Travel Index.

Walkers#4 – Strap On Your Boots and Go Walking
There’s no better form of personal transportation than your own two feet! This leisurely form of traverse gives the opportunity to really see, smell, hear and enjoy your environment in the company of like minded travelers. Walking tours have become increasingly popular as folks who lead busy everyday lives relish the opportunity to slow down a bit and savor new vistas at a leisurely pace. Whether it’s for a day or a week, you’ll find inspirational tours at these great sites: The Wayfarers, Country Walkers, Classic Journeys, HF Holidays

Bed and Breakfast#5 – Bed and Breakfast Gas Refund Promotions
Small businesses are always offering imaginative ways to attract new customers. This summer, BnBFinder has instituted three “brilliant ways to save gas when you vacation”. With over 3,000 member Bed and Breakfast locations, there’s sure to be one a short distance away to pamper you for an impromptu vacation getaway. Over 50 Inns are offering guests who arrive by car a gas rebate card refunding visitors the cost of one tank of gas. Also featured are One Tank Trips featuring properties within 175 miles of major cities across the United States.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace#6 – Take a Staycation – Be A Tourist in Your Own ‘Backyard’
Virtually every State throughout the United States has an active tourist board who’s full time job is to attract visitors to the State by publicizing everything that’s unique and interesting about your location . You probably haven’t been a tourist in your own state’s capitol since elementary school days. Visit Tourist Bureau Offices Worldwide to find the phone number of the tourist bureaus nearest you and order up a travel planner. It’s a sure bet you’ll be surprised just how much there is to see and do in your own area and you’ll have a new appreciation of your home State.

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