Gas Calculator – Estimate Trip Costs Before You Travel

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Find out how much gas will cost you before leaving on your next trip with fuel cost gas calculators.

Gas Calculator Apps - pumping gasWe all know that gas prices are sky high and likely to climb even higher as the summer vacation season approaches. With a slowing economy and frenzied airport scenes, more of us will choose to drive to a vacation destination closer to home this year. The thoughts of all that extra gas expense has us in a frump. But it may not be as terrible as you think.

Use this great Fuel Cost Gas Calculator developed by AAA to find out what your gasoline expense will be ahead of time. It may not be as bad as you’ve been imagining.

I’m off to a wedding in New York soon, so I did a quick calculation on gas cost from Boston to New York City (roundtrip). The form asks you to enter the beginning and ending cities and the make, year, and model of your vehicle. I found the drive will take about 15 gallons of gas, and at current rates, cost about $56. Certainly a lot less than an airline or train ticket. So it’s on a road trip I’ll go.

Now to find the lowest prices for that gas. Here are some great websites for finding the cheapest gas prices wherever you are:

MapQuest – Map Quest Gas Calculator
MSN – Gas Finder
Gas Buddy App

Happy motoring!!!

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