Where To Find Lowest Around-The-World Airfares

May 14, 2008 | By | Reply More
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GlobeNow that millions of the Boomer generation are reaching retirement age, it’s time for folks to make their dream of circumventing the globe a reality. How many of us have dreamed of winning the lottery and taking off on a trip around the world? It may surprise you to learn that an around the world trip may not be as daunting and expensive as you’ve imagined.

For thirty years, the airfare company AirTreks has been specializing in around the world airline tickets and itineraries. Their site is the first place you should visit to gather crucial information and price airline tickets. The trick is to plan a path that is serviced by airlines in the same airline alliance group. You may be familiar with some of the major global airline alliance partnerships – One World, Star, Sky Team, etc. By staying with one alliance group, fares will dovetail and with any luck your luggage will as well. Here’s an example of one appealing around the world airline journey that is currently pricing out at $1,999 plus tax: Fly from San Francisco to Hong Kong, to Bali, to Sydney, to Honolulu, to San Francisco. You’ll definitely need your bathing suit, sun tan lotion and shopping bag for that route! So spend some time on the AirTreks‘ site whenever you’re in the mood to dream about taking off for an adventure around the world. They’ve got you covered with airfares, hotels, pre-planned trips and custom itineraries.

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