Get Out Your Wallet – Delta Has Gone Fee Crazy!

April 2, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Delta Airline CounterWatch out for the new and increased fees being charged by Delta Airlines – they are out to nickel and dime us to death! After several failed attempts to raise fares (due to escalating jet fuel costs), Delta had to lower fares again to compete with other airlines. So now they are going to stick it to their loyal passengers with a slue of new and increased fees which went into effect on April 1st – and it was no April Fool’s joke! Here’s a look at the new fees (as reported by the Associated Press):

Curbside Check In – Will now cost $3 per bag, and they are giving their Sky Cap workers the heave ho in several airports in favor of a lower-paying subsidiary company.

2nd Checked Bag – On May 1st a new fee of $50 will take effect (and I was upset at United for charging $25!). Seems like Delta is really piling on – for a round trip journey, you’ll pay $100 for that extra piece of luggage. For that price it would probably be easier to ship your bag with UPS!

Frequent Flier Ticket Fee – If you use the phone to make a frequent flier reservation, the fee will be $25 (Could they use my fee to help their reservation staff learn English???). And if one of the flights is on a partner airline that will be another $25 thank you very much.

Unaccompanied Minors – If your child will be flying to visit their Grandparents and you request Unaccompanied Minor assistance, the fee has doubled to $100 (each way).

Traveling with Pets – You guessed it, the fees have gone up to $100 each way for a pet in the cabin and $200 if they are in the Cargo hold.

Ticket Changes and Cancellations – Fees have jumped to $100 to reissue either a standard or frequent flier ticket.

Overweight Baggage Fee – Not only do you need to cram everything into one bag, but that one bag had better weight less than 50 lbs. The fee for overweight checked baggage is now a whopping $150!!!

The message is clear, airlines are looking to grab as many extra dollars out of your pocket as they can. When you search for airfares, be sure to compare fees as well as the ticket price.  Let us know what you think – Is this just the way it’s going to be, or will the public choose airlines with lower fees?

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