Find Your Way By Subway – Free Printable Worldwide Subway Maps

April 28, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Paris MetroIt’s a sure bet that with the ever skyrocketing price of gas, more of us will consider getting around by public transportation. In fact, while sightseeing it’s usually the most efficient way to get from site to site. Public transit systems exist in metropolitan cities around the world and most offer traveler passes for discounted fares. It’s a good practice to take a look at subway maps before your trip to become accustomed to the system and to locate major sites in advance. Here’s a wonderful site for locating clear, colorful and informative subway maps across the globe put together by Amedeus – Subway Maps. Each location has a map, information about the local system and fares. There are convenient download files so you can capture the info and study it at your leisure.

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