Understanding New Airport Screening Lines

March 5, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Ski SignsNew airport security lines may be coming your way, and if you’ve ever been to a ski resort, you’ll understand the new system. Based on the black diamond for expert, blue square for intermediate and green circle for easy, the TSA is hoping that travelers will self-select the screening line they belong in. For instance, families traveling with children, travelers in need of extra assistance, or folks taking multiple carry-on bags will be encouraged to use the ‘easy green’ line. Frequent travelers who are one step ahead of the crowd with all their peripherals prepared in advance for inspection will head for the ‘black diamond expert’ line. And all the regular Joe’s who need a minute or two to get fully prepared to go through the scanning process can head to the ‘blue square casual traveler’ line. It’s hoped that by separating seasoned travelers from the occasional vacationer, all lines will move more swiftly. The new screening system is being tested in Denver and Salt Lake City where virtually all of the population is already familiar with the code system. In Burbank California, lanes have been designated for travelers with only one carry-on bag. Couple all this with the TSA’s new blog seeking feedback, and it appears airport screening conditions may actually improve one of these days – dare we hope??? See all the details at TSA.gov

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