A Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb for Scardy Cats

March 27, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Sydney Harbour BridgeThe idea of doing a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is compelling – an adventure of a lifetime. Can’t you just picture yourself perched at the apex, arms stretched above your head waiving in triumph, with dramatic bay views extending out before you in all directions. The only elements I don’t care to think about is the windblown, clinking climb to the top, tethered to my fellow climbers, all pushing our apprehension and fears deep down inside in anticipating of the exhilarating climax. I won’t even think about the tales told to me by friends Dwin and John about looking straight down to the sea as they were required to switch over from one narrow ladder to another.

Sydney Harbour  Bridge Pylon ViewThankfully a new climb experience has been added to the Sydney Harbour Bridge tour choice. You can now do a 200 step climb inside one of the anchor Pylons. No, it’s not quite as exhilarating or as high as the peak of the bridge itself, but it offers amazing views of Sydney Harbour, while being protected from the weather. It also provides the opportunity to bring along your camera for taking your own quintessential Sydney Opera House photo. No possessions are allowed on the open bridge climb, and all photos are taken (and sold to you) by the tour staff. On the Pylon Tour, you can snap all the photos you like. The Pylon climb also offers an opportunity for folks who must keep medication on hand, which would not be allowed on the open climb. So choose for yourself, daring open bridge climb or solid pylon ascent. Here are the websites to take a look at each adventure: Pylon Lookout or Harbour Bridge Climb

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