All Upper Class Airline Seats Are Not Created Equal

March 26, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Air Tahiti Nui Airline SeatWe’ve found a terrific site for comparing airline’s upper class seats, so you can see in advance exactly what kind of luxury or torture you’re buying in into. will help you be a smart, and comfortable, flier.

British Airways Airline SeatWhat is it that would entice you to pay three times (or more) as much for an airline ticket or pledge a bundle of frequent flier miles? Sure the food choices are better in first or business class, but for most people it’s the promise of a seat that is actually comfortable for a long flight and has enough space so you won’t be jabbing elbows with your seat mate. And for overnight flights, the prospect of being able to actually lie flat and get a few hours of solid sleep seems almost too good to be true. Well you know the saying, if it’s seems too good to be true….. better check what that seat actually looks like before throwing all that money in the pot!!!

Just compare these two airline seats – I’d pay to lounge in the (bottom) British Airways seat, but that Air Tahiti seat looks like a hospital gurney! The site also offers really helpful forums for travelers to post reviews of airline lounge rooms, give seat tips and overall airline rankings. So be sure to visit the next time you’re even thinking of spending a fortune to move into the upper class cabins.

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