How To Learn Local Customs Before Your Trip

February 7, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Wiki LogoMove over Emily Post and Miss Manners, Wikipedia is the new global authority on what delights and what offends when visiting foreign lands. Part of the charm of traveling is appreciating the differences between cultures. But where is a peck on the cheek essential to saying hello, and where is it an invasion of personal space? Or who will warn you that resting those chopsticks in the rice bowl is a complete faux pas in Asia? Just how do you know what cultural mishaps await you when you go winging off to a foreign country?

Well, it turns out that EVERYONE KNOWS, and in true Wiki fashion, they’ve all posted their etiquette tips and misstep in the Wikipedia Directory of Faux Pas. So before venturing off, give a quick read to all the local customs conveniently listed by country and subject. Just maybe you’ll be greeted with all smiles and no grumpy frowns on your next journey.

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