Someone Help Me – What Should I Wear on Vacation?

February 14, 2008 | By | 2 Replies More
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Sneakers and JeansLadies, this one is for you! I’ve packed and repacked a dozen times in my mind. Clothes are stretched out on the bed of the guestroom at the ready, but I just can’t commit. I’m off to a new destination and am in a quandary about which outfits to pack. Can I wear my favorite jeans, or would khakis be more appropriate? Are shorts okay or is showing skin frowned on? What about shoes, will sneakers brand me as a tourist – do I care? Thank goodness I stumbled upon a great website project by They have a terrific What Should I Wear, Where? directory which is a compilation of advice by a network of women travelers contributing their best insight and advice. Pointing out that having the right clothes can affect your safety, social interactions, and make or break an adventure, the site acknowledges that we’re not all crazy – clothes make the difference. So, take a few minutes and investigate what other savvy travelers have to say about fashion trends and customs at the destination you’re headed to.

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