Now THIS is What I Call Romantic – Dive For Pearls in Tahiti

February 5, 2008 | By | Reply More
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Pearl Guest House TahitiImagine this…. you and your beloved wing your way to Tahiti to stay in one of only five Polynesian bungalows stretched along the powdery white sand beach at the Pearl Guest House on the island of Manihi. I call your partner ‘your beloved’ because anyone who would spring for the cost of a vacation to Tahiti these days is truly a person of magnanimous gestures and unprecedented generosity. Although to be honest, the Pearl Guest Houses Havaiki are tops among the few affordable lodgings in Tahiti. The island of Manihi is world famous for the Tahitian black pearl farms which dot its pristine waters.

Black Pearls TahitiSo here’s the part that raises goose-bumps of anticipation!  Hotel guests are invited to play “pearl lottery” for about $25 a chance. ‘Your mate is invited to snorkel out to the oyster beds and pluck a glistening black lipped mollusk. Upon returning, co-owner Joachim assists you both in opening the shell and revealing the awaiting treasure – which is yours to keep. The possible shapes of a Tahitian black pearl range from baroque, to teardrop or perhaps perfectly round. You also get to keep the shell, which is often as beautiful and captivating as the pearl itself.

Now I have to admit that I already own a black Tahitian pearl that I bought in Tahiti a few years ago on our 25th wedding anniversary trip. BUT, the only memory I have of it’s arrival was the smirk on the shop keeper’s face where we purchased it. And I can tell you it cost WAY more than $25. I would much prefer to have a memory of Clint emerging from the turquoise sea soaking wet, bearing gifts of a craggy shell that reveals a splendid Tahitian treasure – My Hero!!! Yup, that’s romance to me.

Can you think of another spot and scenario for romance? Pass it along for all of us to day dream about!

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