Everything You Can Imagine in 3oz Sizes

February 13, 2008 | By | Reply More
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travel suppliesI’ve been frustrated and irritated lately trying to find all my travel supplies in 3 ounce TSA approved sizes. The travel sections at Walgreens and CVS have shrunk to measly proportions. But recently I unexpectedly discovered THE MOTHER LOAD of reduced sized travel supplies! Bed Bath and Beyond stores have aisle after aisle, after aisle, of cute little sample sizes of everything you could imagine. I’m not just talking shampoo, toothpaste and shaving lotion here! They’ve got laundry soap, dryer sheets, scented powders, razors, sun tan lotions, bath gels, face creams, after shave lotions, medical supplies, hand sanitizers, and on and on. I picked up a basket and went crazy buying my hearts content in 3 ounce goodies. So the next time you’re getting ready to pack your overnight bag, swing by Bed, Bath and Beyond and knock yourself out with their glorious array of mini sized travel goods.

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