Google Shortcuts – A Traveler's Best Friend

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PDA Use While TravelingWe at have been hooked on Google travel shortcuts since we discovered them last year. You’ll be amazed at the information you can get with just a few key strokes. Did you know you can check your flight status by entering the flight number in the Google search box? Give this a try: Enter AA123 in the Google search box and the flight status for American Airlines flight #123 will pop right up. (Yes, we all wish we were on that flight to Hawaii!) But that’s just the beginning – give these other travel shortcuts a try:

Enter in Google Text Box Get Response
Weather Rome Local weather in Rome
AA123 AA Flight 123 Flight Status
100 USD in Euro Currency Conversion
60 C in F 60 Degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit
6 Feet In Meters Measurement Conversion
50 Miles in Kilometers Distance Conversion
60 MPH in KPH Driving Speed Conversion
Name + City + State (or zip code) Get A Phone Number
Pizza + Zip Code Find The Nearest Pizza Joint
Tracking Number for USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc Track your package

, you can do it all by text message from your phone. Simply send a text message to Google at 466453. Here are some examples:

Send Txt Msg to 466453

Enter Text Query

To Find a Business (name + zip)

Sushi 02492

To Check Weather (W + zip)

W 02459

To Check Flight Status


To Get Airline Phone Number

delta airlines

To Get A Translation

T Ticket Please to French

To Get A Currency Conversion

50 USD in EUR

To Do A Conversion

70 F in C /150 miles in km / 6ft in meters

To Get Directions (Zip Code to Zip Code)

Or Start Address to Destination Address

See A Map

Map State Street Boston

To Get Help

Help (+) Subject

Neat or what!!

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