Is Airline Check-In Going Paperless?

December 26, 2007 | By | Reply More
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Airline Boarding PassesNow that virtually every man, woman, and child carries a cell phone in their pocket, the airlines are planning to go paperless for check-in by sending a boarding pass to your cell phone.

In cooperation with the TSA, Continental Airlines has begun testing the new paperless boarding system on nonstop flights. It’s hoped that not only will this new system improve customer service, but will improve security as well. It’s expected the new procedure will counteract a potential security weakness realized during Internet check-in where the printed bar code could potentially be altered. Here’s how it will work.

With the new system a two dimensional bar code is transmitted to the passenger’s cell phone. TSA officials then scan the code with a hand-held device during check in. If the new system proves to be successful, it will be expanded quickly to other airlines. So while check in will never be completely paperless, the airlines are guessing we’ll all be holding up our phones for a quick scan in the near future.

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