Alert! Your FF Miles May 'Go Poof' on Dec 31st

December 18, 2007 | By | Reply More
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Are your frequent flyer miles due to expire at midnight on New Year’s Eve?
Most major US airlines have reduced the life of frequent flyer miles this year, so your’s may be expiring sooner than you thought.

What causes miles to expire? Basically you need some activity in your account every 12 to 24 months depending on the individual airline program. Now is the time to check your accounts – or at least right after the Christmas crush is over.

Here are three easy, inexpensive ways to save your miles without buying an airplane ticket.

Tip #1. Do some gift buying on your airline’s online shopping site. You’re likely to find all the major national store chains represented and the catalog sites as well. A great way to earn some miles and add activity to your frequent flyer account.

Tip #2. Subscribe to a magazine on your airline’s website. This typically takes VERY few miles and will qualify to keep your miles alive.

Tip #3. Go out to dinner. Join your airline’s Dining Club (free) and then go out to dinner. The miles you earn will revitalize your frequent flyer account.

The BIG exception to saving expiring miles is Southwest Airlines. Southwest miles expire every two years without exception – so the only way to save your old miles is purchase a ticket for a new trip.

Don’t let you miles expire! – Give the airline a call, ask them what the expiration date is for your miles and what the least expensive way is to renew them. PS – don’t forget to check your children’s accounts as well – they tend to fly less frequently than we do.

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