The Ultimate Meditarranean Fantasy Cruise

October 26, 2007 | By | Reply More
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Windstar Cruise ShipWhen you read the words€¦St. Tropez, Cannes, Monte Carlo, €¦.what comes to mind? String bikinis, Grand Prix Formula One racing, mega luxury yachts, the Cannes Film Festival, Sean Connery at the baccarat table, living life like the rich and famous? WELL your ship has come in (so to speak). On May 18, 2008, the luxury sailing ship Windsurf (Windstar Cruises) will welcome aboard 300 very fortunate passengers to sail the heart of the French Riviera and witness both the Cannes Film Festival and the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco. That’s right, you’ll be sitting at anchor right in Monaco harbor amidst the world’s most privileged travelers – talk about people watching, WOW!

Now is the time to plan ahead for this true trip of a lifetime. I just checked on Vacations To Go, and they are advertising that sailing at a 36% savings from the brochure rates. What a Christmas present that would make!

Anyway€¦(I’m lost in the daydream)€¦ a few years ago Clint and I sailed on the Windsurf from Rome to Nice. We were having such a spectacular time that we signed right up for another week and stayed on the ship through Spain and on to Portugal. Having only 300 passengers on a ship really feels more like yachting than cruising. I highly recommend it. Just picture yourself relaxing in the spa pool on the upper deck, sipping a libation, as you waive a hello to the 10 million dollar yacht passing by€¦..fantasy fulfilled?€¦.you bet!!

If you’re considering sailing with Windstar and have some questions, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer.

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