How To Find The Right Eurail Pass

October 26, 2007 | By | Reply More
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EuroStar TrainFor years choosing a rail pass has been a puzzle for even the best travel planners. Do you need a pass that combines two countries, is regional, maybe a global extravaganza of 18 countries? Should it be a Flexi pass stretching over several months, or will your travel be done in two weeks? How about a rail and drive pass? The options seem endless – there are over 5,000 combination choices in fact! Thank goodness RailEurope has come to the rescue with their new interactive Pass Finder.

Simply choose the countries you will be traveling in, enter some of your travel parameters and press GO. Up pops a detailed chart of your pass options. There is even a comparison button in case you want to price your journey from point to point to see if the pass really saves you money. Finally if it all still seems a mystery, give the nice folks at RailEurope a call at 888-382-7245.

You can always find the RailEurope link plus other rail sites on our Links page.

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