15 Words You Can't Travel Without

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Foreign DictionaryYou’re off to a foreign land and stressing about being able to communicate. Relax and brush up on just 15 words and phrases (or bring a cheat sheet with you) and you’ll be able to get by. Of course a good sprinkling of hand signs and body language adds to the understanding!

These 15 words are all it takes to communicate:

Hello (Good Morning, Good Evening)
Thank You
Excuse Me
I Would Like (then point)
Where is _____
How Much
Good (very good)
Too Much
Do you speak ____
My name is (and you?)

Not too daunting, right? Then round these out with some universally recognized words: OK, No, Photo, Tourist Information, Pardon, Auto, Taxi, Train, Toilet, Hotel, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Beer, Vino, Coca Cola, Ciao, Bye-bye, Police, Telephone, Bank, ATM, cell phone.

If you are traveling to a country that uses different script (Middle East for instance), have your hotel concierge right down numbers 1-9 for you so you’ll be able to read prices in the local currency.

Most important of all, bring a nice smile, the ability to laugh at ridiculous situations, and a good dose of patience. Don’t worry, you’ll have a fabulous time!

Have a phrase you can’t do without when traveling? Share it with us in €˜comments’.

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