Do It Yourself Medical Kits

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Never leave home without it! One of the first things I throw in my bag is a medical first aid kit, and some very important home remedies. Here are my tips on the best choices.Medical Kit
There are many kits you can purchase or better, make a list and pack your own. One of the best resources I have found is Not only is this a fabulous travel medicine information site, they will prepare a specialized list for you (depending on your destination and activities) of what you should pack in your medical kit. They will list everything you could think of, and things you never thought you would need.

I actually purchased my travel kit from I must have traveled with it at least 20 times before I ever used it, but I was so happy I had it with me when I really needed it.

A quick tip: always refill it when you get home. I keep one in every suitcase and in my car as well.

If any family member has allergies, make sure you bring an EPI pen for each family member. If you have food allergies, prepare a card in the language of the country you are visiting that states your food allergy and that you would like assistance ordering food that does not contain those foods.

Some tips :

  • If you are drinking a bit too much or have an upset stomach /vomiting visit the local pharmacy and ask for bitters. They taste terrible, but really work to settle a stomach.
  • Keep hydrated at all times-coffee, tea and alcohol do not hydrate, so sticking with bottled water is your best bet.
  • Carry snacks- nuts, trail mix, raisins, granola bars and the all time favorite – peanut butter crackers. You’ll be less tempted to indulge in street vendor food that smell so yummy but causes so much intestinal distress.
  • I always carry Paypa tablets when I travel, they help with digestion of foods

Remember over the counter medication is still medication. Make sure you have everything you are taking documented. Do not assume you can purchase over the counter drugs anywhere. The compounds can be very different as well as the dosage. Pack your medical kit and take the stress of a pharmacy visit (in a foreign tongue) out of the picture.

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